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MARCH 2019

Aglaya (Hungary)
3rd March 2019 at 9:00 PM

This film is about the relationship of a mother and her daughter, the split-up of their family, the blessing and curse of belonging together and about coming of age-all this from the perspective of a young girl Aglaya. The story is based on real-life events, an Eastern European circus artist family that fled to the West. If they want to stay in the circus business, they have to make up an exotic act. The mother spends all their money to buy a very dangerous act: hanging by her hair high up in the dome of the circus while juggling with burning torches. Every night Aglaya is terrified by the fear of losing her mother. But, on same day, she has to follow the family tradition and become the “Woman with the Hair of Steel”.

Das Lied in Mir (Germany)
The Day I was not Born
10th March 2019 at 5:55 PM

During a stopover in Buenos Aires on her way to Chile, 31-year-old Maria recognizes a nursery rhyme. Maria doesn’t speak a word of Spanish, but without understanding what she is singing, she remember the Spanish lyrics. She decides to interrupt her journey and wander through the unfamiliar city. On the phone to Germany, she tells her father, Anton, about her experience and the peculiar fascination the unfamiliar city has had for her. Two days later, Anton suddenly turns up Maria’s hotel with something to confess…

Jud Suss – Film Ohne Gewissen (Germany)
Jew Suss – Rise and Fall
23rd March at 10:10 PM

Jew Sweet was the title of a film commissioned by Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels in 1940, to be made as an anti-Semitic vehicle intended to inflame the German people against the Jews of Germany and set the stage for their extermination. “Jew Sweet- A Film Without a Conscience” is the title of a new film ace German director Oskar Roehler, which goes back to 1940 to tell the story behind the making of the most notorious film in German cinema history – which in his own title he calls “A Film without conscience”.

Voyez comme ils dansent (France, Canada)
See How They Dance
31st March 2019 at 7:30 PM

A French video artist traverses Canada from the east to the west and meets the last girlfriend of her late husband. The two women want to now how he lived with other..


Anonyma (A Woman in Berlin)
3rd February 2019 at 10:40 PM

The horrors and moral compromises of war set the stage for this harrowing drama from director Max Färberböck, based on a true story. An anonymous female reporter (Nina Hoss) is living in Berlin in the spring of 1945; most of the city has been reduced to rubble by bombing, the German army has been decimated, and most of those left behind are expecting the arrival of Russian troops and fearful of what awaits them. The reporter is one of a number of women who are hiding wherever they can in the city, expecting that they will be raped and brutalized by the Russians. It doesn’t take long for their worst fears.

A Somewhat Gentle Man
16th February 2019 at 10:30 PM

After serving 12 years for murder, Ulrik is now a freeman. But is he really free from the past and the prison life? All he wants is to unite with his well-educated son, but his former boss is expecting Ulrik to kill a snitch, his landlord is treating him like a sex-toy, and worst of all, he is starting to lose hair. Is it really possible for Ulrik to say goodbye to the past and embrace the future?

22nd February 2019 at 09:00 PM

Sakari and Veera get engaged, madly in love. Not long after, Veera asks Sakari to help her in a matter relating to her father, and in a way that completely shocks Sakari. He does everything in his power to stop her from pursuing her plan. But before the story is over, Sakari will be been forced to make choices he thought he’d never have to face.

3 sezony v pekle
24th February 2019 at 09:05 PM

Prague 1947 – a time of sensuality, extravagance, wit and great expectations. Ivan Heinz, a good-looking dandy with a provocative sense of humour has just turned 19. Running away from home he devotes himself to the celebration of freedom, revolutionary politics and artistic aspiration. He lives for the moment, discards the past, writes poetry and blindly immerses himself in his own world of idealistic politics, surrealism and personality discovery.


Romantic Comedy Night: Someone Else
6th January 2019 at 7:30 PM

When thirty-something David isn’t working as a photographer at a high-street photo studio he is stressing over his love-life. Torn between his rather-too-agreeable girlfriend Lisa and the exciting but tricky Nina, he has a serious decision to make. When he gets it all wrong and loses them both he has to start all over again.

Shores of Hope (Wir wollten aufs Meer)
12th January 2019 at 9:05 PM

Two East German dock workers dream an impossible dream: of sailing out to the sea. SHORES OF HOPE tells the story of two East-German dock workers, Cornelis Schmidt and Andreas Hornung, who, in the 1980s, dream an impossible dream: of sailing out to sea. Their lives take a fateful turn when Cornelis falls in love with the young Vietnamese woman Phuong Mai and a fellow worker is betrayed.

Raise Your Head (Alza la testa)
20th January 2019 at 7:30 PM

Mero, a skilled shipyard worker, is a single father. His son Lorenzo, born from a relationship with an Albanian girl, is his only reason for living. The father dreams that the boy will become a champion boxer, to make up for his own anonymous career as an amateur in the ring. This is why he puts him through a tough training program, teaching him day after day to throw punches and protect himself from life’s low blows. The balance of this relationship is disturbed by the return of Lorenzo’s mother Denisa and by the son’s meeting with young Ana. Mero’s trials are not over and he must face up to pain, his prejudices and the remoteness of Italy’s north east.

Eastern Europe Night: Children of the Sun
26th January 2019 at 7:30 PM

A tale of family and loyalty, love and loss, betrayal and redemption. As the Mob destroys the life of a big family and leaves them on the brink of survival, a powerful, yet secret love, burns between Marko (a gangster) and Angela – two high school sweethearts. Good fortune smiles on the family (a bohemian collective of lovable eccentrics) as they find a long-lost treasure, but Angela betrays them in the name of love by stealing it in order to save Marko’s life from the Mob. In the end, everyone reaps what they sow, and their love ends inauspiciously.


Chop Chop (Denmark)
2nd December 2018 at 7:30PM

Fukssvansen (Chop Chop) is a comedy about regular people’s unusual lives. About love when expects it the least, and about catching the greatest fish of all times. Carl and Dennis lives in the countryside. Dennis still believes in Santa Claus and wishes for a girlfriend for Christmas and big brother Claus sees that his wishes get fulfilled.

Through a Glass Darkly (Norway)
9th December 2018 at 7:30PM

It is close to Christmas. In a snow covered landscape in the countryside of Norway we meet 12 year old Cecilie, her friend Klara and Cecilie’s family. They all preparing for Christmas Eve. Cecilie, however, is seriously ill and spends most of her time in bed, daydreaming about the Spanish boy Sebastian who she met on holiday last summer. One night Ariel shows up in Cecilie’s bedroom, a small strange looking fellow who claims he is an angel and starts talking to Cecilie about wonders of life. Cecilie finds Ariel quite irritating, but they agree that if Cecilie tells Ariel how it feels to be a human being, Ariel will tell Cecilie about angels and the mysteries of the universe.

Shores of Hope (Germany)
16th December 2018 at 9:00PM

GDR in the 1980’s Two East German dock workers dream an impossible dream: of sailing out to the sea. Rostock, East Germany, 1984. The two friends Cornelis (Conny) and Andreas have set their sights on seeing the world as sailors of the GDR Merchant Marine. Its a dream they’ve always shared – and that soon seems doomed to failure. A few years pass and the pals are still on land, working as dock-hands. The Stasi then approach them with a proposition: they are to find out whether Conny’s foreman is really planning to flee to the West. Their reward: a career at sea. Andreas urges Conny to rat on his boss. Through refuses, it’s too late.

In The Dark Half (UK)
31st December 2018 at 8:55PM

Marie, a young girl living unhappily with her mother in a rundown house on the outskirts of Bristol. Life turns even more miserable when a boy dies while she is baby-sitting at the house of a local oddball names, tellingly, Filthy (the impressive gruff Tony Curran). Marie begins to suspect that some sinister force is lurking within the hill that overshadows her estate. Marie’s behviour gets more erratic and her dark obsessions worsen, until she is convinced she is haunted.


Detective Downs (Norway)
3rd November 2018 at 9:05PM

Robert has a trench coat and a Bogart hat. He also has Down Syndrome. He runs his own detective office, but he never gets cases. No one believes Robert can accomplish anything and even is father, who is a police investigator, rejects Robert. One morning a mysterious woman appears in Robert’s office. The legendary speed skater Olav Starr is missing, and his family urgently needs an incompetent detective to pacify an affluent and senile grandmother. Robert is perfect for the job. Gradually Robert finds himself entangled in Olav’s hidden life and it becomes clear that the assignment is not without danger. But when Robert reveals his special investigation method everyone’s in for a big surprise.

Flying Blind (France)
11th November 2018 at 7:30PM

The gently evocative, nostalgia-seeped autobiopgraphical drama A Year In My Life cinematizes writer-director Daniel Duval’s recollections of his youth in 1950s France. As a thinly-veiled onscreen fictionalization of the filmmaker, Raphael Katz is Pippo, a 9-year-old boy whose parents are arrested and thrown into jail under enigmatic circumstances-leaving him in dire need of guardians. Thrown into an orphanage, he is promptly adopted by a young French farm couple: the taciturn Gustave (Jean-Paul Rouve) and his wife Cecile (Anne Brochet) Per its title, the film observes events in Pippo’s life over the course of the following year.

On Guard (France)
19th November 2018 at 7:30PM

Adapted from the 1858 historical novel Le Bossu by Paul Feval, the film tells a story about a skilled swordsman named lagardere who is befriended by the Duke of Nevers. The duke learns the existence of his love  child; with Lagardere on guard, he journeys to wed the mother, a baron’s daughter who lives in an isolated chateau.

However, Comte de Gonzagaue, the duke’s eveil cousin has schemed to murder the child and the duke to seize the duke’s fortunate. At the duke’s dying moments, he asks Lagardere to avenge him and look after his infant daughter, the rightful heiress to the Duke’s vast fortune.

Worlds Apart (Denmark)
25th November 2018 at 9:20PM

Sara is a teenager who lives with her family, who are Jehova’s Witnesses. The family’s devout image is questioned when the parents divorce as a consequence of the father’s infidelity. One night at a party Sara meets Teis, an older boy who takes an interest in her. Teis is not a Witness, and their relationship is rejected by her father, but Sara falls in love and begins to doubt her faith. Facing ostracism from her faith and family, Sara must make the toughest choice of her young life.


Everlasting Moments
Sunday, 7th October 2018, 7:30 PM

Sweden in the early 1900s: In a time of social change and unrest, war and poverty,  the young working class woman Maria wins a camera in a lottery, and decides to keep it – a decision which alters her whole life.

About the director Jan Troell: His realistic films, with a lyrical photography in which nature is prominent, have placed him in the first rank of modern Swedish film directors along with Ingmar Bergman and Bod Widerberg.

Critics say: “In her performance as Maria under Mr. Troells’ direction, Maria Heiskanen herself become the centerpiece of the magical arts of photography and cinematography, preserving, enhancing and ennobling an otherwise unsung heroine of a bygone time.” “There is sorrow and brutality in this film, but it is balanced by delicacy, humor and a sense of innocence that flirts with mawkishness. Any excursion into a lost world of childhood, whether it’s “Amarcord” “The Secret Life of Bees” risks sentimentalizing the past, but Mr. Troell, many of whose earlier films have also been historical dramas, compensates with a sense of historical and psychological clarity. The result is an experience that, even as it feels a bit familiar, is nonetheless engrossing and satisfying.” “Troell’s film meshes scenes of high drama and silent contemplation while the milky, sepia-toned Super16 photography lends the images an exquisite, tactile quality.”

IMDB viewer rating: 7,5
Rottentomatoes: Tomatometer: 90% – audience Score: 83%


2 Alone in Paris
Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 7:30 PM

Discover Paris, the City of Lights, as you’ve never seen it before EMPTY!

IMDB users: “I really love this movie : first because it made me laugh a lot, and also because it’s funny in a gentle way, as the two main characters are sweet and full of positive energy, and never vulgar,which is rare in humoristic films…” “It’s pretty goofy slapstick kind of humor, but it is accessible for the most part whether or not you are from France.”

The Heir
Friday, 26th October 2018, 7:30 PM

After the death of his father, Bruno comes into possession of a run-down house in the countryside. This inheritance, however, will prove to be a curse…

IMDB-users say: ” A psychological thriller made in Italy. If Hitchcock were Italian, he would have made this movie. One of the best creepers in a long time.” “The Heir” is above all a film about characters and atmosphere. The majestic scenery of Abruzzo and Marche in Central Italy provides the perfect backdrop to this story.”

Flying Blind
Saturday, 13th October 2018, 7:30 PM

A brilliant aerospace engineer is drawn into a passionate affair with a younger male student while working on a government contract for an aircraft destined for military use. As the contract deadline nears, her doubts about her new lover mount, and she comes to understand the shadowy sides of her professional career and her personal life.


City Slacker
Wednesday, 12th September 2018, 7:30 PM

Amanda is a city high flyer who has it all, and what she doesn’t have she gets, in this fresh and hilarious romantic comedy.

Critics say: ” The cast is absolutely perfect in every way. Amanda could have been an absolutely unsympathetic character, but Gillies brought real depth and emotion to her. I do hope Fiona Gillies forgives me for being ungallant but it’s great to see a woman in her forties who looks like a woman in her forties, … The script is also top notch. There’s humour, romance and pathos and writer Michael Mueller accepts the inevitability of comparisons with Notting Hill and throws in a cheeky reference which almost brought the house down. … This is a brilliantly funny film which is bound to be one of the big hits of Raindance and deserves to be a big hit at the box office.” ” City Slacker is a satisfying and uplifting tale of love, greed and family revolving around one woman’s desperate search for companionship.”

Rat King
Saturday, 29th September 2018, 9:00 PM

Juri, 18 is seriously addicted to online gaming, so much so he becomes isolated from his single mother and his girlfriend is about to leave him. He decides to quit but is soon lured back by one of his net-mates, Niki 18, who, when they meet for the first time, turns out to look strikingly like Juri. Niki has a web-address tattooed on his arm and when Juri types it into his computer, he gets lured into a curious game that grants him the username RAT KING. As the game becomes increasingly dangerous, Niki vows to help Juri get through it. But the gametriggers off a series of life-threatening events and pretty soon Juri realizes that he is gaming for his life.


The Arrival of Wang
Saturday, 12th August 2018, 7:30 PM

Italy – 2011 – directed by: Marco & Antonio Manetti – starring: Ennio Fantastichini, Francesca Cuttica, Li Yong. Gaia, a Chinese interpreter who has been summoned for a secret job, is met by an unscrupulous agent, Curti, who has to interrogate the mysterious Mr. Wang.

Critics say: “Reminiscent of an overextended “Twilight Zone” episode but still good for a laugh, Italian low-budgeter “The Arrival of Wang” works through an amusing sci-fi premise. Written and helmed by brothers Antonio and Marco Manetti (“Zora la vampira”), story revolves around a pro Italian translator called in for a highly unusual assignment that tests her principles and sense of trust.”

I hope this finds audience acceptance outside of its genre followers; The Arrival of Wang is a low-key but compelling and unique work.”

800 Bullets
Monday, 20th August 2018, 10:25 PM

A hyperstylized tribute to spaghetti westerns courtesy of fearless Spanish director Alex de la Iglesia, 800 Bullets finds young Carlos (Luis Castro) striking out on his own in search of his long-lost father. Swiping his shrewish businesswoman mother’s (Carmen Maura) credit card and setting his sights on Almeria, Carlos begins his quest to learn the truth about his father after his curiosity is sparked while thumbing through old photographs.

Critics say: “Álex de la Iglesia’s charming comedy celebrates the resilient power of dreams, memories, and the movies.” “a tribute to the magic of movies and moviemaking set and shot in Almeria, Spain (home to scores of sixties westerns).” “Bizarre, bawdy and totally enjoyable.”

JULY 2018

6th July 2018, Friday, 9PM

Headhunter – Denmark – 2009 – directed by: Rumle Hammerich – starring: Lars Mikkelsen, Flemming Enevold, Henning Moritzen, Charlotte Munck. Martin Vinge, (35), former notorious journalist, now successful headhunter with a complicated personal life, is in all confidentiality contacted by 85 year-old N.F. Sieger, S.E.O. of Denmark’s largest shipping company and oil empire. Sieger hires Martin to find an alternative heir to the firm instead of his son, Daniel Sieger, who for a long time has been destined to take the company into the next era. Martin starts coming up with suitable names for the position, but discovers that he has actually been entangled in a larger impenetrable power game aimed at deciding what is really going to happen to the company; a brutal power struggle that puts an intense pressure on Martin and his private life and relationships.

Critics say: “Stylish, noirish, Danish: this slickly atmospheric corporate thriller features a taut performance from Lars Mikkelsen – older brother, by a year, of Mads – as an investigative-reporter-turned-headhunter out of his depth in the high-stakes world of boardroom intrigue.” ” there’s enough to recommend this smart genre effort.”

15th July 2018, Sunday, 7:30PM

Korkoro/ Liberte – France – 2009 – directed by: Tony Gatlif – starring: Marc Lavoine, Marie-Josee Croze, James Thierree, Rufus. A Gypsy family travels the French roads during the Second World War, followed by Little Claude, a young boy seeking a new family after his parents “left and never returned”. Upon reaching a town where they traditionally stop for a few months and work in vineyards, they learn that a new law forbids them from being nomadic. Theodore, the town’s mayor, and Miss Lundi, the schoolteacher, protect and help the Gypsies. Despite this, They are arrested and placed in an internment camp. Theodore manages to rescue them and gives them a piece of property where they must settle. But the Gypsies’ deeply ingrained thirst for freedom makes this sedentary lifestyle difficult to bear. After Theodore and Miss Lundi are arrested for resistance, the Gypsies decide they must get back on the move in order to remain free.

At Rotten Tomatoes: Tomatometer: 75% – average rating: 7.9/10.

Critics say (New York Times): “Korkoro” (the word means freedom in Romani) has an unexpectedly leisurely quality as it shows the texture of Gypsy life — the music-making, the intense bonds with horses and the natural world — and its awkward fit with modernity. (Scenes with Taloche and others attending school are particularly good.) And the war hovers, its intrusions and dangers giving the story tension and a minute-by-minute poignancy: these lives, we’re aware, may all too soon be erased.

Hindenburg: The Last Flight
21st July 2018, Saturday, 7:30PM

Hindenburg – The Last Flight – Germany – 2011 – directed by: Philipp Kadelbach – starring: Maximilian Simonischek, Lauren Lee Smith, Stacy Keach, Greta Scacchi. Staci Keach, Lauren Lee Smith, and Greta Scacchi headline this film exploring a compelling conspiracy theory surrounding the tragic crash of The Hindenburg on May 6, 1937. The story centers on an unscrupulous American oil tycoon whose plot to destroy the massive German zeppelin leads both his daughter and the ship’s designer on a frantic race to prevent the disaster that will ultimately bring the airship era to a fiery end.

Flying Blind
21st July 2018, Saturday, 7:30PM

Flying Blind – UK – 2012 – directed by: Katarzyna Klimkiewicz – starring:  A brilliant aerospace engineer is drawn into a passionate affair with a younger male student while working on a government contract for an aircraft destined for military use. As the contract deadline nears, her doubts about her new lover mount, and she comes to understand the shadowy sides of her professional career and her personal life.

Critics say;Flying Blind is the feature-length debut of Polish shorts director Katarzyna Klimkiewicz, and features a career-best performance from Brit Helen McCrory. Helen McCrory, Najib Oudghiri, Kenneth Cranham, Lorcan Cranitch.” ” This is director Katarzyna Klimkiewicz’ first feature, and it’s a promising debut. There’s been praise for the clean composition, but what’s particularly telling is the blurring of order and disorder – the “clean air” above the boundary layer, the turbulence below – it’s there in sets, actions, performances, and in combination it’s uplifting.” Viewers say: ” Sex, suspicion and unmanned drones make for an intriguing mix …” A tough, compelling thriller touching on race, prejudice and contemporary Britain.”








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