Discovery Channel, the flagship network of Discovery Communications, is devoted to creating the highest quality non-fiction programming in the world and remains one of the most dynamic networks on television. It offers viewers an engaging line-up of high-quality non-fiction entertainment from blue-chip nature, science and technology, ancient and contemporary history, adventure, cultural and topical documentaries.

Discovery Channel’s programming is primarily focused on reality television series, such as speculative investigation automobiles, and occupations. It also features documentaries specifically aimed at families and younger audiences.


JULY 2019

Expedition Unknown S5
Premieres 2nd July 2019
Tuesday, 9:55PM (SIN) / 8:55PM (JKT/BKK)

Josh Gates traverses four continents in search of the answer to mankind’s greatest unsolved mystery – where do we go after we die? From a ghost hunt at one of the most haunted places on Earth to getting a firsthand glimpse into the afterlife with ancient medicine, Josh puts it all on the line for a glance of what’s beyond this life.

JUNE 2019

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown S11 & S12
Premieres 4th June 2019
Tuesday, 9:00 PM (SEA/MY)

The legendary life of Harry Houdini remains as much of a mystery as his death. Modern magicians marvel at his death-defying performances. His breathtaking escapes and astonishing illusions have never been equaled – or fully understood. Now, in this active investigation, magicians and scientists will try to unlock the secrets and mysteries he took with him to the grave.

Murder by Numbers S2
Premieres 7th June 2019
Friday, 10:50 PM (SEA/MY)

Ever wonder how common, everyday objects are made? Science Channel fan favorite HOW IT’S MADE returns for another season of exploring how many of the everyday objects or products we seldom stop to think about are made.

MAY 2019

Houdini’s Last Secret
Premieres 6th May 2019
Monday, 8:10 PM (PH)

The legendary life of Harry Houdini remains as much of a mystery as his death. Modern magicians marvel at his death-defying performances. His breathtaking escapes and astonishing illusions have never been equaled – or fully understood. Now, in this active investigation, magicians and scientists will try to unlock the secrets and mysteries he took with him to the grave.

APRIL 2019

Blowing Up History S2
Premieres 19th April
Friday, 9:00 PM (PH)

Each hour-long episode will reveal the secrets of a different iconic building. The structures will range in size, scale, age and location from ancient wonders like the Pyramids in Egypt to modern marvels in Manhattan such as the Empire State Building – fusing elements of engineering, history, geology and archaeology.

MARCH 2019

Mythbusters Jr.
Premieres 6th March, Monday
9:55 PM (SEA/MY), 8:55 PM (SEA/MY) and 8:55 PM (BKK/JKT)

MYTHBUSTERS JR. gives America’s best and brightest 8- to 14-year-olds a chance to show the whole nation what they know. Combined with the mythbusting DNA of the original series and adding elements of THE SEARCH, this is a format where kids show off their ingenuity and STEM superskills.

Street Outlaws: New Orleans
Premieres 7th March, Thursday
10:50 PM (SEA/MY), 8:55 PM (BKK/JKT)

New Orleans is known for having the largest and wildest street racing scene in the country. With matches held as often as 3 times a week, there are a ridiculous number of drivers – both serious and amateur- calling each other out.

Trans Am
Premieres 14th March, Thursday
9:00 PM (SEA/MY), 8:10 PM (BKK/JKT)

In 2010, GM closed Pontiac’s doors for good and it seemed like America’s most iconic muscle car, the Firebird Trans Am, was dead and would never come back.  But brothers Scott and Todd Warmack, obsessed with muscle cars and determined to bring them back, purchased the exclusive rights to Trans Am and set out to build brand new Trans Ams, while also modifying and restoring other classic muscle cars on the side.


Master of Arms
Premieres 11th February, Monday
9:55 PM (SEA/MY), 8:55 PM (BKK/JKT) and 9:55 PM (MNL)

When this country was young and untamed, a good gun was essential to survive. With the gun becoming the most important tool for frontiersmen, gunsmiths ruled the land. Now, the lost art reloads an arms race of skill across the country.

The Perfect Murder S5
Premieres 11th February Monday
11:45 PM (SEA/MY), 8:55 PM (BKK/JKT) and 10:45 PM (MNL)

THE PERFECT MURDER tells the stories of some of the most perplexing murder cases detectives have ever seen. With multiple suspects and red herrings at every turn, you have to think smart to catch these killers


Speed is the New Black S2
Premieres 3 January Wednesday
9:55 PM (SEA/MY), 8:55 PM (BKK/JKT) and 9:55 PM (MNL)

Meet Noah Alexander, auto prodigy and owner of Classic Car Studio in St. Louis, Missouri. At any given time, Noah and his talented team have dozens of projects underway in his 40,000 square foot garage, where he crafts finely tuned pieces of precision engineering.

Ed Stafford: First Man Out
Premieres 29 January Tuesday
9.55PM (SEA/MY), 8.55PM (BKK/JKT) and 9.55 (MNL)

Discovery Channel pits Survivalist and Explorer Ed Stafford against the planet’s top 6 survivalists in raw and real-life race to get out of Asia’s most hostile environments.

Who will be the First Man Out?


Ultimate Ninja Challenge
Premieres 4 December
Tuesday, 10.50PM (SEA/MY)
9.50PM (BKK/JKT) and 10.50PM(MNL)

The Discovery Channel’s new series Ultimate Ninja Challenge sounds like it’s taking on American Ninja Warrior, but it’s actually a survival reality show—and involves an actual ninja, not just people with ninja-like reflexes navigating insane obstacle courses….

Sticker Shock
Premieres 6 December
Thursday, 10.50PM(SEA/MY)
9.50PM (BKK/JKT) and 10.50PM(MNL)

Aside from determining appraised values, Sticker Shock unveils the history and memories of these unique rides and automobile memorabilia. From cross-country vacations to circling Indianapolis Motor Speedway, each car has its own story, and this series is here to tell them.


Shifting Gears With Aaron Kaufman
Premieres 29 November 2018
Thursday, 9M (SEA/MY), 8PM (BKK/JKT) 8:10PM (MNL)

Fast N’ Loud star Aaron Kaufman is back, and this time, he’s the boss. Redefining the custom car building space, he’s pushing his design abilities to the limits and focusing on vehicle builds driven by passion. Taking on concepts and builds he’s always dreamed of, Aaron will extend his skills in spaces he’s never worked in before and with different types of vehicles in this brand-new series.


Last Outpost
Premieres 16th October
Tuesday, 10:50 PM (SEA/MY), 9:50 PM (BKK/JKT/MNL)

When off-gridders and outdoorsmen need machines to survive and thrive in the wild, they turn to Clint Greathouse and Todd Anderson who create one-of-a-kind backcountry builds using nothing but recycled parts, outdoor ingenuity, and sheer determination.

Cooper’s Treasure 2
Premieres 29th October
Monday, 9:55 PM (SEA/MY), 8:55 PM (BKK/JKT) and 9:00 PM (MNL)

Darrell Mikos is on a treasure-hunting mission like no other. Using a secret treasure map that his friend, the legendary astronaut Gordon Cooper, began from space, Darrell and a team of explorers is on a quest to uncover the world’s greatest find.


Treasure Quest
Premieres 24 September  Monday
10.50PM(SEA/MY) and 9.50PM (BKK/JKT/MNL)

After a death-defying expedition on Brazil’s deadly Snake Island, a group of real-life treasure hunters continue their quest for the Treasure of the Trinity, a legendary hoard of Inca gold worth nearly $400 million. At the end of last season, team leaders Jeremy Whalen and Cork Graham solved a critical clue on Snake Island that indicated the treasure was hidden in the depths of the treacherous Paraguayan jungle. Confident they’ve honed in on the exact location, the explorers go all out in pursuit of the ultimate fortune in this season.

Hard To Kill
Premieres 25 September Tuesday
9.55PM(SEA/MY), 8.55PM (BKK/JKT) and 9PM (MNL)

Instead of “Dirty Jobs,” Discovery now brings you dangerous jobs. Tim Kennedy is one tough guy – an active, Ranger qualified, Green Beret, Special Forces Sniper who has served tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and other locations around the globe. He is also a top 5 professional MMA fighter with grit and dedication to the values of hard work and humility. Now he’s ready to tackle some of the toughest jobs ever by risking life and limb to highlight the unsung heroes of the American workforce.


JDM Legends
Premieres 9th August
Thursday, 9PM (SEA/MY), 8PM (BKK/JKT) and 8.10PM (MNL)

The Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) is a fast rising car counterculture among a particularly younger generation of enthusiasts. JDM vehicles are made in Japan for the Japanese market but differ greatly from what’s exported to America. In Salt Lake City, Eric Bizek and Trey Cobb are rising stars on the JDM scene who do one-of-a-kind, painstaking work restoring 70s era Japanese automobiles for uber-loyal customers.

Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings
Premieres 9th August
Thursday, 10.50PM (SEA/MY) and 9.50PM (BKK/JKT/MNL)

Thirty-two racers met at Memphis International Raceway for the first ever No Prep Kings Invitational. And, as everyone gets closer to the final race, the competition heats up, the cars speed up, and everyone fights as hard as they can to come out on top.

James Patterson’s Murder Is Forever
Premieres 19 August
Sun, 11.45PM (SEA/MY), 10.45PM (BKK/JKT) and 10.40PM (MNL)

From bestselling author and master of suspense James Patterson and the Emmy-winning producers at Stephen David Entertainment, comes James Patterson’s Murder Is Forever, a dramatic crime series. Each episode presents a unique murder mystery that’s packed with suspense, big twists and turns, and will keep the viewer guessing until to the very end. But perhaps the most shocking thing of all is that they’re all true.

JULY 2018

Goblin Works Garage
Premieres 26 July
Thurs, 9.55PM (SEA/MY), 8.55PM (BKK/JKT) and 9PM(MNL

Goblin Works Garage is Jimmy de Ville, Ant Partridge and Helen Stanley. Together they create stunning custom cars and bikes. They’re on a mission to bring a once Great British engineering company, Goblin, back to life.

Shark Week (Stunt)
Premieres 23 July 2018
Saturday, 9PM (SEA/MY), 8PM (BKK/JKT) and 8.10PM(MNL)

We took the most fascinating, feared creature on Earth, an underwater camera, a few fearless scientists and made magic. Shark Week, the longest-running cable event on television. An epic celebration that has been making summer better for 30 years. A week that brings the world together to revel in the most jaw-dropping and misunderstood animals on our planet, while inspiring us to live life to the fullest and protect it for the future.

First In Human
Premieres 18 July
Wednesday, 10.50PM (SEA/MY) and 9.50PM(BKK/JKT/MNL)

Directed by Emmy winner John Hoffman and executive produced by Hoffman and Emmy winner Dyllan McGee, First In Human is a three-part medical documentary series taking viewers inside the crucial beginning phase of scientific research. The series follows four patients as they participate in a “First in Human” trial, revealing the quiet heroism of both doctors and patients.

Thai Cave Rescue
Premieres Monday, 23rd July, 9:50PM
Repeats Sunday, 29th July, 9:50PM


From the moment the heartbreaking news broke that 12 young Thai soccer players and their 25-year-old coach were stuck in a cave complex near the Myanmar border, the world has been glued to the rescue and recovery details.  For over two weeks, the facts of how the group ended up in the cave and the subsequent mobilization of rescue workers around the globe has been a testament of just how powerful human spirit can be—while the sudden and tragic death of one of the rescue divers underscored the seriousness of the situation.

But as each boy has been pulled out, there remains many questions. Why were these boys there? How did they survive for nearly two weeks without food and without knowing how to swim? What will their physical and mental state be moving forward?  What would it take to get this group out of this treacherous cave, and why did the unique geology of this cave present so many challenges? OPERATION THAI CAVE RESCUE will be the first documentary to explore and unpack every angle of this remarkable rescue operation.





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