Discovery Asia (formerly as Discovery HD World) is a cable TV channel that features Asian related documentaries and asia-original programming.



Garden In The Sky
Premieres 4 November 2018
Sunday, 9PM

David Attenborough narrate this series as we delve into the work of the ecologists and educators of Hong Kong’s 60year old NGO, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden. They reveal KFBG’s sustainable living, nature conservation and education work in Hong Kong and South China.

Japan From Above
Premieres 6 November 2018
Tuesday, 9PM


China: The Miraculous Transformation
Premieres 7th October 2018
Sunday, 9PM

Meet Deng Xiao Ping, the strategist that used ancient wisdom and 14th century systems to rescue China from the chaotic Cultural Revolution and set China on the road to becoming a global influence.

Battle Ops
Premieres 13th October 2018
Saturday, 9PM

A series on India’s iconic military operations. In a docudrama rendition each operation is deciphered and depicted through recreations, archival pictures, footage, interviews and CGI that decipher the tactics, combat and strategy deployed.


Italiani: Made in India
Premieres 10th September 2018
Monday, 9PM

Following the docu-series Italiani Made in China, A new group of second generation youngsters is set to go to an extraordinary anthropological  experiment. They will travel to India, where they will deal with their story and their identity, torn between two cultures. They will go in search of everything they left in a country to which they belong but that they have forgotten. A 10.000 km journey to rediscover something about themselves.

Indian Dream Hotel 3
Premieres 19th September 2018
Wednesday, 9PM

This series follows actor Miriam Margolyes, dancer Wayne Sleep, actor Sylvester McCoy, and five other well known Brits as they head to India to see if they can set up a better, more rewarding retirement there than in the UK.

Magnificent Megacities
Premieres 23rd September 2018
Sunday, 9PM

Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Dubai: This series features five of the most fascinating megacities in our globalized world, each a symbiosis of old and new, where the tradition of the souq and the mosque converges with the contemporary world of skyscrapers.


Emerald Islands of Malaysia
Premieres 15 August 2018
Sunday, 9PM

The islands of Malaysia are jewels of the natural world, ecological paradises where ancient rainforests cascade down mountains into crystal clear seas.  Each is a haven for wildlife, each boasts its own wildlife story. The episode features several enigmatic species both above and below the water.  Compelling macro photography allows us to explore the fascinating world of insect mimicry.  An intimate and stunning portrait of some of the most beautiful islands on earth.

Better Late Than Never
Premieres 22 August 2018
Wednesday, 9PM

The one-hour series will travel to Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan; Seoul, South Korea; Hong Kong; and Phuket and Chiang Mai, Thailand before heading home. Henry Winkler, William, Terry Bradshaw, George Foreman and Jeff Dye will navigate their way through each city, all the while dealing with the unexpected twists and turns that any trip presents. As they check off items on their own personal “bucket list,” the five will rely on each other for support and encouragement and, in the process, demonstrate that friendship is the ultimate gift.

Asia: Secret Lives, Hidden Places 2
Premieres 28 August 2018
Tuesday, 9PM

In Asia there are enormous areas of wild, breath-taking beauty that entices and lures visitors. The parks covered are in china, Indonesia, India, Malaysia and Vietnam. Each them has its own particular gems, whether above or below the water.

JULY 2018

Breaking Point: Indian Submarines
Premieres 21 July 2018
Saturday, 9PM

In this series, we get an all access pass to the training it takes to become a submariner. We also look at the last 50 years of India’s submarine arsenal – from buyers to builders of indigenous war machines.

Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge
Premieres 23 July 2018
Monday, 9PM

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge will be the world’s longest sea crossing and a technical triumph for China. But who are the people spending over a decade engineering this colossal marvel? And how will it re-define what it means to build for 21st century





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