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Conquering Northern China
Premieres 8th January 2020
Wednesday, 9:55 PM

Join Winston Sterzel, “The Original China Vlogger,“ and his fellow Youtuber, C-Milk, on their epic northern China adventure. They tackle tough roads, witness breath-taking scenery, sample weird food and meet fascinating locals along the way. This is China like you’ve never seen it before.

RATasticNew Year
25th & 26th January 2020
Saturday & Sunday from 7:00 PM

Kick off the new year with Bruce Lee and the I AM Legends to welcome the year of the Rat. Get your helmets ready as we ride on with Winston & Matthew, discovering northernmost point of China on their most grueling and punishing adventure to date.


A Dashing Christmas
25th December 2019
Wednesday, 7:00 PM

A dash of Extreme Sports, a sprinkle of Extreme Magic, a dust of Extreme Reality and a drizzle of Extreme Hauntings, celebrate Christmas with Extreme as we serve you a tasting platter of all of our genres.

Spartan: Ultimate Challenge
Paranormal  Survivor S5
Dark Net S2
Criss Angel: Believe

2020 Countdown
31st December 2019 & 1st January 2020
8:55 PM

Countdown to the year 2020 with these Legends! From fast cars to insane quick reflexes, find our what made them so influential. May these Legends inspire your new year resolutions!

Lamborghini Urus – The Birth of a Legend
I Am Johnny Cash
I Am Dale Earnhardt
I Am Bruce Lee
I Am Chris Farley


Waa Taa Birthday Bash
Bruce Lee’s Birthday Stunt
27th November 2019
Wednesday, 7:00 PM

Pop that champagne and strum the guitar, join us in the celebration of Bruce Lee’s birthday on Extreme with these legends.

7:00 PM | I Am Dale Earnhardt
8:25 PM | I Am Johnny Cash
9:25 PM | I Am Bruce Lee


Paranormal Survivor S5
17th October 2019
Thursday, 9:55 PM

Ghost, poltergeists, demons and their target star in “Paranormal Survivor”. Hour-long episodes feature people reliving their harrowing encounters with the supernatural. Viewers hear from those who’ve faced the feared spirits and dramatic re-creations lure victims back to the scenes of confrontations.

Halloween Special
31st October 2019
Thursday, 8:55 PM

From haunted houses to immersive paranormal experiences put your game face on for some hair-raising chills and thrills this Halloween on Extreme.


Video Games Day
12th September 2019
Thursday, 9:55 PM (8:55 PM JKT/BKK)

Video Games Day is dedicated to recalling this defining part of our culture and sharing it with our fellow gamers, new and old alike. Get your game on Arcade Cloud!

Lamborghini Urus: The Birth of a Legend
18th September 2019
Wednesday, 10:55 PM (9:55 PM JKT/BKK)

The brand-new documentary provides viewers with unrestricted insight and behind the scenes across to the inner circle of the Lamborghini family during the development, design and testing period of the world’s first Super-SUV, the Lamborghini Urus.

Nights of Terror
Starting 5 and 6 September 2019
Thursdays and Fridays, 9:55 PM (8:55 PM JKT/BKK)

Every Thursday and Friday nights on Extreme, give yourself a good fright with Paranormal Survivor and Knock Knock Ghost as real people share their terrifying and supernatural experience, searching for proof of afterlife.


National Day Specials
NCIS: Season 8 Marathon
9th August 2019
Friday, 2:55 PM (1:55 PM JKT/BKK)

NCIS: Los Angeles is a Drama about the high-stakes world of a division of NCIS that charge with apprehending dangerous and elusive criminals, who pose a threat to the nation’s security.

National Day Specials
The Chronicles of Riddick
9th August 2019
Friday, 8:25 PM (7:25 PM JKT/BKK)

On the run, Riddick finds himself at the heart of a battle that is not his and with future of the entire universe being threatened; he could be the unlikely hero to save the human race.

Hard Target
Brotastic Movie Night

5th August 2019
Monday, 9:55 PM (8:55 PM JKT/BKK)
National Day Specials
9th August 2019
Friday, 8:25 PM (7:25 PM JKT/BKK)

Jean-Claude Van Damme and director John Woo join forces in this thriller about a mercenary who recruits combat veterans for his clients who pay  to kill the most challenging prey of all: man.

Brotastic Movie Night
Safe House

12th August 2019
Monday, 9:55 PM (8:55 PM JKT/BKK)

A young CIA agent is tasked with looking after a fugitive in a safe house. But when the safe house is attacked, he finds himself on the run with his charge.

Brotastic Movie Night
Van Helsing

19th August 2019
Monday, 9:55 PM (8:55 PM JKT/BKK)

The notorious monster hunter is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula who is using Dr. Frankenstein’s research and a werewolf  for some sinister purpose.

Brotastic Movie Night
NEW! Dawn of the Dead

26th August 2019
Monday, 9:55 PM (8:55 PM JKT/BKK)

A nurse, a policeman, a young married couple, a salesman, and other survivors of a worldwide plague that is producing aggressive, flesh-eating zombies, take refuge in a mega Midwestern shopping mall.





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