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Fear the Walking Dead Season 4B
Monday, 13th August at 08:00 BKK/JKT | 09:00 HK NEW EPISODES
Mondays at 08:00 BKK/JKT | 09:00 HK
Same day prime time encore at 21:00 BKK/JKT | 22:00 HK

The first half of Season 4 began with one figure huddled around a campfire, and ended with nine. Characters who started their journeys in isolation collided with each other in unexpected ways and found themselves in one of the last places they ever expected to be…together.

In the back half of the season they will explore who they are now – as individuals and as part of the greater group – and how they will forge ahead. They will find themselves pitted against new adversaries – human, walker, and even nature itself. Theirs will be a journey wrought with danger, love, heartbreak, loss, and ultimately, hope.

Into the Badlands – Season 3A
Monday, 6th August at 21:00 BKK/JKT|22:00 HK

Sparks fly in the mid-season finale of Into the Badlands, with Sunny and Bajie arriving at Pilgrim’s Fortress, only to face an angry M.K. The Widow enlists Gaius to plan an all-out assault on Baron Chau while Moon and Lydia rally the troops.

JULY 2018

Into the Badlands – Season 3A
Mondays at 21:00 BKK/JKT | 22:00 HK

Season 3A of Into the Badlands finds Sunny living off the grid, doing his best to provide for his infant son, Henry, in the wake of Veil’s death. It is only when Henry contracts a mysterious illness that Sunny must join forces with Bajie and journey back into the Badlands, where the Widow and Baron Chau are entrenched in a drawnout war that has destabilized the entire region. No longer supported by Tilda or Waldo, the Widow must find new allies in Lydia and in Nathaniel Moon — the former regent who lost his hand to Sunny and Bajie in Season 2. But when a mysterious nomadic leader called Pilgrim arrives in the Badlands on a mission to restore Azra and usher in a new era of “peace,” old enemies must band together to defend the Badlands.

Hap and Leonard: The Two-Bear Mambo
2-Hour Season Premiere: Sunday, 29 July at 21:00 BKK/JKT | 22:00 HK
Back-to-Back New Episodes: Sundays at 21:00 BKK/JKT | 22:00 HK

Hap and Leonard is a darkly comedic Southern noir chronicling the adventures of two unlikely best friends – Hap Collins and Leonard Pine. Hap is a white former conscientious objector, and Leonard is a black, openly gay Vietnam veteran. When Florida Grange goes missing in the Klan-infested town of Grovetown, Hap and Leonard set out to find her. As the mystery unfolds, Hap and Leonard find themselves at odds with a cast of characters so tough they could chew the bumper off a pickup truck – including a possibly corrupt sheriff and the leader of the Caucasian Knights. Set in East Texas, against an impending storm of biblical proportions, Hap and Leonard scramble to locate Florida before the Klan locates them. The boys learn that the good guys don’t always win – and that nobody beats Mother Nature.

APRIL 2018

Fear the Walking Dead Season 4
Monday, 8AM (BKK/JKT) 9AM (HK) | Same Day Encore, 9PM (BKK/JKT) 10PM (HK)

Premieres on April 16, Monday, 11:30AM (BKK/JKT) & 12:30AM (HK), the thrilling series Fear the Walking Dead returns for its 4th season, with the very exciting crossover of Morgan Jones (Lennie James) from The Walking Dead!

Catch the Same Day Encore at 9PM (BKK/JKT) 10PM (HK).








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